Greek Migration Minister Mitarakis: Checks underway on NGOs and at migration ministry on management of funds

There were 11.000 rejections of asylum applications in the last two months

Migration and Asylum Minister Notis Mitarakis on Wednesday referred to incidents within non-governmental organizations of “mismanagement and dubious targets in the management of the migration issue and of involvement in various incidents,” in a radio interview regarding checks on NGOs by the National Transparency Authority.

However, Mitarakis explained speaking to SKAI radio that there was “a very wide range of NGOs. There are some organizations that really contributed to the protection of local communities and to the migration issue in a very good and organized way”. He also said that the ministry created a special secretariat for the control of NGOs in March 2020.

The minister said that similar checks are carried out by the Migration Ministry, from where they “obtain data on the management of funds in previous years”.

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On the return of migrants whose asylum applications are rejected, Mitarakis said that there were 11,000 rejections in the last two months and that “we hope that after the end of the pandemic, returns to Turkey will resume. In terms of third countries, and this is very important, it is Greece’s top priority in the negotiation at the European Union for this to become a European priority”.

Finally, Mitarakis underlined that the new migration law passed by parliament three days ago will allow the government to set up a special returns department and also allows the state “to detain those that are due to return if they are considered a flight risk”.

Source: amna