Greek Parliament: The procedure that will lead to the vote of confidence is underway

Developing Story

The procedure that will lead to the vote of confidence in the Greek Parliament, as requested by Tsipras’ SYRIZA government, has started.

The Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ in his opening speech stated that:

“In ten days from today, it will be four years since the day of the great political change, the great overthrow of the old political system. Which did not come like ‘thunder in the clear sky’. But it was the result of Greece’s biggest financial crisis over the past 100 years. But it was mainly the result of the crisis management by the political establishment. And the political choices and practices of four decades that led to the 2010 bankruptcy”.


“All of this was done jointly with the ANEL party, which supported and contributed decisively to this great effort to reconstruct and revamp a society that was on its knees as a result of the austerity and authoritarianism. And this cooperation, the honest and honest cooperation of two different political sites, with so different political and ideological origins, historical traditions and traditions, I will always honor and respect it. However, our political and ideological differences would have produced their results at some point. It was not necessarily unavoidable, but it happened”.


“The unexpected change of leadership in our neighboring country and the defeat of nationalist Gruevski created 1-1.5 years ago, as you all know, the conditions of a great opportunity. For Greece as well as for our neighbors and the region. An opportunity to resolve a historic, political and diplomatic problem of many decades. My conscience and my patriotic duty required me to make the most out of this historical opportunity, knowing that it will have political costs”.

The leader of the main opposition party New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis in his speech stated:

“In order to achieve his objectives of Tsipra and Kammenos, we are living a joke that ridicules our political life.

This farse also requires wandering MPs who have been elected in one way, worked in another and will abandon it in a different one. Willing to evolve into crutches for a government that has wrecked national interests and the economy.

I want to say something about Admiral Apostolakis who was nominated by Kammenos: never has a government in the post-junta era chosen a political chief of the Armed Forces as an active military officer. The exception was Admiral Chinofotis, who, however, first resigned, then got elected as MP and then took ministerial duties, not in the Ministry of Defense, though”.