Greek parliamentary body proposes 3 candidates for Supreme Court post

The final decision will be made by the Greek cabinet next week

The Conference of Presidents in the Greek Parliament has today selected the three candidates to fill the position of the Public Prosecutor of the Supreme Court.

In a secret ballot, following the presentation of the candidates, Mr. Pliotas received 14 votes, Mr. Vourliotis 7 votes and Mr. Dassoulas 5.

The final decision, as well as the position of the President of the Supreme Court, will be taken by the cabinet, which is expected to convene next week.

As the Speaker of the Parliament, Kostas Tasoulas, told reporters, the deliberations were held in an amicable tone, while he said 3 of the 6 Supreme Judges attended the Conference hearings, as the other 3 had either health issues or prior commitments.