Greek PM Tsipras enchanted by the beauty of Melania Trump (photos)

Melania charmed many at Brussels NATO Summit

It was more than certain that the presence of US first lady Melania Trump would not go unnoticed at the Brussels NATO Summit. The former model from Slovenia, who conquered the catwalk and fashion world in her prime, upstaged all the first ladies at the NATO meeting.

The blonde beauty drew the eyes of many, including Greek PM Alexis Tsipras, who was “caught” glancing at Melania from behind. He was not the only one ensnared by her beauty, as European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker, Portuguese PM Antonio Costa, and his Bulgarian colleague Boyko Borissov all fell “under her spell”.

They let their gaze drift on Melania in her white elegant dress as Donald Trump was calling her near him for the dinner family photo.