Greek PM Tsipras asked Erdogan for 2 Greek soldiers to be tried

Tsipras said he had a tough 2-hour meeting with Erdogan

Speaking at a press conference in Brussels, Greek PM Alexis Tsipras made reference to his contacts during the two-day NATO summit. The main subject of his contacts was the issue of the two Greek soldiers detained in Turkey, as well as Skopje, in which Athens played a leading role. On the issue of the two soldiers, Alexis Tsipras had a one-hour and 45-minute meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, raising the issue of the release of the two Greeks.

Mr Tsipras said he asked the Turkish President Erdogan for the two Greek soldiers in detention to be tried.

Greece is a stabilising force in the region and a country that covers its financial obligations to NATO, despite the problems we have had. Proof of the stability shown by Greece is the improved relations with our northern neighbors”, he said. “I raised the issue of Turkish provocation, as a general issue to the Alliance, as well as the question of the detention of the two Greek soldiers, something unacceptable to two members of the Alliance”, he underlined.

On his meeting with the Turkish president, Mr Tsipras said he persistently pushed the Turkish President on the issue of the two Greek soldiers who have been in prison for four months without being charged. The Turkish president raised the issue of the eight Turkish officers and Mr Tsipras said he informed the Turkish President about the judicial proceedings on the matter. “I clarified that there is justice in Greece, I also made it clear that no coup d’état supporters were welcome in Greece.