Greek PM Tsipras: I will not disclose conent of Kotzias’s letter of resignation

Mr Tsipras said a common fund for the jobless in the EU is needed

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras expressed hope that the stalemate caused on the Brexit talks with the EU will be overcome, during press a conference in Brussels, following the end of the EU Summit. “There is a stalemate, I hope it will be temporary,” the prime minister said, considering that the current situation.
On the issue of the economic crisis in the Eurozone and what is needed to combat it, Mr Tsipras said the completion of a banking integration across the EU including a common guarantee for deposits was necessary. He stressed that he and the Spanish PM called for the setting up European fund for unemployment to support the jobless. He stressed that behind the cold statistical numbers there were people. The Greek PM is currently responding to reporters’ questions.

Responding to a question whether he would make Nikos Kotzias’ letter of resignation public, as the former Foreign Minister urged him – yesterday, the prime minister said he was informed there was a closed envelope in his office, which was marked “strictly personal”.
“When I come back, I will read this letter, and I will meet tomorrow with Mr Kotzias. However, I am not in the habit of publishing letters addressed to myself with the words ‘strictly personal’ and I will not do it now. This issue for me is over”, he underlined.