Greek Police HQ discharge 14 over “Macedonia” & “Northern Cyprus” pocket agenda fiasco

Police HQ has launched a formal investigation into the matter

The Headquarters of the Hellenic Police have discharged 14 people from the Police Communications Directorate who were deemed responsible for the fiasco of the 2019 Police pocket agendas after the outcry caused. The agendas included a map depicting the countries of FYROM and the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus with the names “Macedonia” and “Northern Cyprus”, respectively.

After their decision to conduct an internal investigation, and in an effort to do damage control, central HQ also scrapped the team assigned with releasing the controversial pocket calendars. Trucks were dispatched to collect all the agendas from the police precincts across the country.
Ordinary officers made it clear they would obtain the calendars from the outset, while sources indicate between 50-60,000 agendas were have been distributed. Police trade unionists are wondering how the cost of the production will be covered.