“Greek Rock Revolution” movie Trailer- Greek rock bands “rock” (video)

More and more Greek rock bands are leaving their mark

Greece would not exactly be considered the perfect environment for rock as a genre of music to flourish. The language barrier, as well as little to no exposure on the radio or traditional media,  are factors that explain its negligible impact on the domestic music scene.

Despite these drawbacks, a number of stoner rock bands have gained notable traction and a substantial online following, with many of them appearing during the time the country was hit by the economic crisis.

This rise in global popularity of Greek rocks bands is the theme of a documentary called “Greek Rock Revolution”. The 95-minute movie presents Greek bands that have made a name for themselves and drawn attention to their music defying the economic crisis and the unfavourable for them music industry in Greece.

In the film, 1000Mods, Tuber, Naxatras, Puta Volcano, Villagers of Ioannina City, Planet Of Zeus and Nightstalker, bands that emerged in Greece and earned recognition and accolades abroad with gigs in large festivals in Europe and North America talks to Spanish director Miguel Cano, who followed their rehearsals and live shows in the cities Thessaloniki, Crete, Serres, Athens, Patras, Chiliomodi and Ioannina.

The director explores the ongoing sociopolitical uncertainty in Greece and its link to the explosion of bands trying to cope with the depressing realities of a country in an economic depression by expressing their angst through their music and a stance of resistance.

“Greek Rock Revolution” recently made its premiere in some European countries, and was met with favourable reviews and appraisals in international film festivals.


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