Greeks pay over half a million euros in Covid-19 fines in a day

Three businesses were shut down

Greeks were fined a total of over half a million Euros for violating Covid-19 measures following intensive police inspections on Saturday.

On Saturday, Greek law enforcement agencies carried out 65,388 inspections, the majority of which were conducted by EL.AS.

A total of 521,550 euros in fines and a 15-day “padlock” were imposed on two companies, while 1,773 cases of violations were found.

Police also made three arrests for breaches of regulations related to the operation of businesses.

Two employees of a supermarket in Korydallos were fined 300 euros each for being in the food factory and socialising in breach of distance rules without wearing a mask.

Two cafes were suspended for 15 days, one in the Attica Region and the other in the Peloponnese Region, while at the same time fines of 5,000 and 3,000 euros were imposed to the owners of the businesses, respectively.

A fine of 5,000 euros was also imposed on a clothing store in Attica.

Apart from the Hellenic Police, daily inspections are carried out by the Coast Guard, the Inter-Service Market Control Unit (DIMEA), the Municipal Police, the  Labor Corps Inspectors, and the National Transparency Authority.