Greeks to pay at least €65ml on new taxes on PC and digital devices

Market experts warn bill will have adverse affects on market gowth

Greek consumers will be called to pay at least €65 million annually, due to the new 2-6% surcharge on computers, tablets and mobile devices, as market experts in the industry warn that there will be serious consequences from the imposition of the new digital fee. According to the Greek Association of Information Technology and Communications, comparative to Greece, consumers in Spain, which has a 704% larger market will pay an aggregate of €50 million for digital levies. The data shows that if Spain were to have implemented a similar law as the current one in Greece, the total surcharge would amount to €352 million. Consumers in Greece will be charged with 2% for every tablet with RAM memory over 4GB they buy in accordance to the new amendment included in the bill drafted by the Cultural Minister, Lydia Koniordou on copyright. In addition, the new piece of legislation provides for a 6% burden on audio and image recording electronic devices and storage devices over 1TB. The market experts have warms that the new hikes linked to PCs and mobile devices to regulate matter of copyright is one more counter measure to economic growth in the creative industry.