Historian Dr. Theotokis releases two noteworthy books on Byzantium and the Mediterranean

The books cover the politics and weapons in the Byzantine era and the Mediterranean basin

There are countless books focusing on the military tactics and political history of the ancient Romans and their impact on the rest of the world. Greek historian and researcher Dr. Georgios Theotokis has contributed to the large volume of knowledge in the post-ancient Roman era, by releasing two titles in English: “Byzantine Military tactics in Syria and Mesopotamia in the 10th Century” and “A Military History of the Mediterranean Sea”. The dynamic and laborious researcher proved with his efforts that Greek intellectuals remain relevant in the international arena.

His first book was published by Edinburgh University Publications and the second by the world-renowned Dutch publishing house Brill.
The first book “The Byzantine Army Tactics in Syria and Mesopotamia in the 10th Century” has been in bookshops in Great Britain and the US since October.
For the release of the second (“A Military History of the Mediterranean Sea “), published internationally in July 2018, Theotokis collaborated with Turkish historian Aysel Yildiz.
Dr. Theotokas has the third book in the pipelines and is scheduled to be launched in bookstores across the UK and the US next February, while he has already signed a contract for three more books with English publishing houses.

Dr. Theotokis currently works as a scientific researcher in the Byzantine Studies Department of the Bogazici University of Constantinople. He had previously taught at the University of Athens in the Department of Italian Language and Literature. Before that, he was Assistant Professor of History at the Fatih University of Constantinople.

The main areas of scientific interest and research of Dr. Theotokis are the history of war, with an emphasis on the conflict of cultures and ethnicities during the Medieval times in Europe and the Mediterranean. He also covers historical issues linked to the Mediterranean and western Asia. Dr. Georgios Theotokis started his studies in the History Department of the Ionian University. He then continued his postgraduate studies at universities abroad. He speaks English, French, Italian, Turkish and Persian.

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