How Greeks treat people with disabilities

Kappa Research on the occasion of World Disability Day


People with disabilities face social discrimination in Greece, according to a survey by Kappa Research.

On the occasion of December 3rd, which was established by the United Nations as World Disability Day, the Kappa Research has released some interesting information.

The study was conducted on men and women 17 years old and older. 600 people from the 13 regions of the country participated and the survey was conducted using the telephone interview method and an electronic questionnaire.

Among others it was found that:

– The majority believes that the lives of people with disabilities have neither improved nor worsened

– Most believe that people with disabilities are treated with prejudice by Greek society, followed by those who believe that they are treated with compassion and charity.

– Asked if “you know there is a law prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities”, the majority, with 71%, answered “yes” and “no” answered with 21%.

– In terms of social inclusion policies, the vast majority respond (87%) they should be established.

– Asked if “the economic crisis has increased the cases of negative discrimination against people with disabilities”, 58% responded positively, while 26% responded negatively.