Jon Snow’s cape an IKEA rug worth only $79

IKEA posts funny instructions on how ot make cape

On the seventh season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” whether Jon Snow is facing brushes with death in battles against White Walkers or winning the heart of the Dragon Queen, he is doing it in style.
But despite having a budget of around $10 million per episode, the show takes some creatively frugal shortcuts in its costume design. Designer Michele Clapton revealed in a 2016 interview at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles that several of the plush capes worn throughout the show, including Snow’s iconic fur cloak, are made from affordable IKEA rugs.
“We cut and we shaved them and added strong leather straps,” she says. “I want the audience to almost smell the costumes.”
Although Clapton didn’t reveal exactly which rugs are used on set, several publications have speculated: People guesses it’s the $15 TEJN, while The A.V. Club is taking bets on the $30 RENS. The closest match for Snow’s iconic cloak is the dark brown SKOLD, available only from IKEA Australia for just $79, as pointed out by Fast Company.
After the revelation began to go viral among “Game of Thrones” fans, IKEA itself got in on the joke, releasing a graphic in the furniture giant’s classic pictograph style on how to transform one of its rugs into a fur cloak worthy of Snow himself.



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