Macedonia rally: Thousands of Greeks descend on Syntagma Square to protest

People from all over t6he world have joined the protests

Thousands of Greeks have been descending on Syntagma Square in central Athens on Sunday to take part in the rally in front of the Greek parliament to protest against the Prespes Agreement with FYROM.

A large banner with the slogan “Referendum Now for Macedonia” has been erected at the square by the Committee for a Referendum on the Prespes Agreement.
Thousands of people of all ages chanting pro-Macedonian songs and holding Greek flags are arriving at the meeting point at Syntagma Square and the surrounding streets of the Greek capital.

Meanwhile, the changing of the Evzones Presidential guards took place under the sounds of “Macedonia Xakousti” (Macedonia Glorious”. tyne Macedonian slogans, while on the upper side of Syntagma Square

Protesters from all over the world have come to Athens to voice their objections to the planned ratification of the Prespes Agreement, which the majority of Greeks see as an act of treason against the historicity and identity of the Greeks. George arrived from Switzerland and told that he was doing nothing particularly special, “just our duty”. “We must save our country with Macedonia as our flag”, he said.