45% of Greece’s elderly live under (local) poverty level (665 euros)

International creditors want pension cuts, but most Greek pensioners are poor and over a quarter living under the poverty line

Greek pensioners decreased by 2,865 in February 2015, and now number 2,654,784 people according to official figures by the Labor Ministry. Pension payments totalled 2,346,571,901 euros in March allocated to 4,541,966 pensions — of which 2,902,477 were basic pensions and 1,639,489 were supplementary.

Alternate Social Insurance Minister Dimitris Stratoulis said 44.8% of pensions, some 1,189,396, were below the poverty level of 665 euros per month, while 60% of pensioners received 800 euros per month, excluding healthcare contributions.

Stratoulis said the majority of people with a disability pension received between 250-540 euros per month.


  • strongmenabc

    But they all lived the good life, a wonderful life for decades prior to the crisis. Andreas gave them freedom and money abound seven years after the dictatorship fell. Socialism in the end does not work! They ate a lot of bread for decades and now thirty years later after everyone destroyed Greece (white collar-blue collar-politicians- etc………) how sad to hear of the aforementioned.
    Greece ought to exit the euro and face further devastating consequences of intense poverty and misery that knows no boundaries. Who are we kidding? They’ll remain slaves to Germany for the next twenty-thirty years where there children and their children’s children will pay a steep price for the debt owed. A staggering amount we all know will never be repaid.