Man from FYROM arrested for destroying Greek-FYROM border-line marks

The 36-year-old man was arrested by the Skopje authorities

A 36-year-old man from Skopje, the capital of FYROM, confessed that he is responsible for the destruction of 105 border pyramids, on the Greek-FYROM border, along the line of Messokampos – Achlada villages in the municipality of Florina.
According to a statement released from FYROM’s Interior Ministry, the suspect is a resident of the small village of Germijan, which is just 3 km from the border line with Greece.
According to the statement, the incident happened on Friday 23/11/2018 between 14:00 and 20:00 and the culprit admitted his guilt in a deposition he gave to the local police station.
It has not been clear what led the man to destroy the border marks along 12km and whether his actions are linked to his nationalist beliefs.
The man reportedly approached the borders driving his tractor through farmlands and uprooted the pyramid structures delineating the Greek-FYROM borderline.