Amazing medieval tomb from Merovingian Era found in France

It is a Sarcophagus from the Frankish Merovingian Era

In France, a very significant early medieval tomb has been uncovered in a chance find from a key period in the history of France, under the Franks. Construction workers came across the sarcophagus of an elderly woman from the Merovingian dynasty period. The find is expected to help researchers better understand this critical era in the history and development of France.

The sarcophagus was found this summer in the city of Cahors, which is in the southwest of France. It was discovered not far from the historic cathedral of St. Etienne. The Sun reports that “experts think it was found in an area that was once the grounds of a very large Merovingian monastery”. It was unearthed during the re-development of the district and it came as a complete surprise.

Officials from the Département du Lot, have stated that the burial contained the remains of “an elderly female individual, testifying to osteoarthritis problems…buried without personal effects” according to The Sun. The skeleton is complete and based on an analysis of the bones the dead woman would have been quite old for the time.

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