Military bootcamps scrapped in Greek army

Defence Ministry adopted sweeping military proposals

Service in the Greek army will undergo a series of sweeping changes, following the approval from the Defence Ministry of a set of proposals tabled by the military. One of the major changes provides the scrapping of the army boot camps, a measure that will take effect as early as March.

According to the plan, the new recruits will be immediately stationed in their military units after showing up at special reception points and being provided with all the necessary equipment and clothing. For example, if a new recruit in the infantry has been designated to appear in a unit in Evros, he will first present himself at special reception battalion in Evros to receive his equipment and before moving onto his unit.
According to military sources, the changes were adopted for operational purposes.

Currently, new recruits are compelled to appear in large military training centres across Greece where they stay for a month to receive basic training. Following that period they are sent off to their designated units to serve the rest of their military services.