Novartis case findings sent to Parliament – Indications arise for one of the accused

MP Loverdos accuses those responsible of being a “group of gangsters”

The findings of the prosecutorial investigation of the Novartis case found “indications” of bribery against MP Andreas Loverdos.
The lead Prosecutor in the case, Eleni Touloupakis sent the findings of the report to the Council of State (CoS) via the Ministry of Justice with a request for the lifting of Mr Loverdos’s immunity.

The Greek politician is the only to be charged, as all the others implicated in the case were exonerated.

Responding to the news, Mr Loverdos issued a statement expressing his outrage. The announcement reads as follows: “When this terrible and troublesome plot came to the surface, I had characterised the natural and moral perpetrators as despicable and disgusting. After today I will add: they are criminals. And some people are wrong to dub it a farce. Where things have reached, we can only be talking about political chicanery from a group of gangsters”.