“Orestes” cold weather front to hit Greece on Sunday

Weather phenomenon to start ion west and move eats in 48 hours

The latest cold weather front, named “Orestes”, is expected to affect Greece starting from Monday. The meteorological service of the National Observatory of Athens said the front will emerge over the Ionian Sea on Sunday via a barometric low, which will move eastward within the next 48 hours causing heavy rainfalls and storms across most of Greece.

Some part of mainland Greece will feel the effects of “Orestes”, with topical rainfall and sporadic storms as early as Sunday afternoon.

On Monday, rains and sporadic storms will occur on of the continental regions, with the exception of East Macedonia and Thrace. The phenomena in the Ionian and West-Central continents are expected to be locally strong and are likely to be accompanied by hail.

Winds will reach between 6-7 Beaufort, with topical areas experiencing up to 8, in the Ionian Sea.

The mountainous regions of northern Greece will see snowfall, while on Wednesday areas in central Greece could also see snow. Winds in the Aegean Sea could reach 9 Beaufort in some areas.