PAOK fans clash with police over Macedonian issue (video-photos)

People tried to storm Thessaloniki conference hall where debate on Macedonia name agreement was underway

Dozens of people in Thessaloniki moved against SYRIZA MP Triantaphyllos Metafides on Monday evening outside the city’s Convention Hall where are a debate on the agreement between Greece and FYROM over the Macedonian name issue is underway. The situation intensified after a group of PAOK FC fans appeared on the spot and clashed with police.
The people, holding Greek flags and chanting slogans against the Lake Prespes deal, which conceded the national identity of “Macedonia” to FYROM, attempted to storm the building but were repelled by special police units.

The conference was also attended by University professors and other experts on the Macedonian issue.
Shortly before 7:30 in the afternoon, PAOK fans arrived on motorbikes and clashed with the SWAT units, breaking the central iron gate. The fans started throwing rocks against police, with the latter reacting by using tear gas.

After eight in the afternoon, the clashes spread to central streets in the city and according to information, a car was burned. Protesters set fire to rubbish bins, while police officers deployed dozens of tear gas canisters against them.

A new round of clashes broke out a little before 9 pm across the entire area around the southern gateway of the TIF after police attempted to detain some of the people that took part in the protests.