Weather warning: Rain dust and humidity to hit Greece over weekend

Strange combination of weather phenomena to descend on country over weekend

Greece will experience a series of strange weather phenomena over the weekend, as the country is expected to be affected by a high concentration of dust from the Sahara desert, with temperatures predicted to rise to over 27 degrees Celsius and a high level of humidity. The elderly and people suffering from respiratory issues are advised to avoid physical exercise.

During Saturday, the light clouds at times will thicken amid a gradual rise in dust, while there will be areas where temperatures will reach high values, like Thessaly where it is forecast to hit 28 degrees, as well as the western Peloponnese and regions in mainland central Greece.

Rain dust is forecast to hit late Saturday, mainly areas in western Greece, and will gradually cover most parts of mainland Greece and islands in the eastern Aegean Sea. Winds will pick up notably (8 on the Beaufort scale) from Saturday in the Ionian Sea, while they will expand to most regions in the Aegean on Sunday.