Russia: Greek government should respect public opinion on Prespes Agreement

The Russian Foreign Ministry was critical of both FYROM and Athens

Russia voiced its strong opposition to the Prespes Agreement between Greece and FYROM in a statement released Monday by the Foreign Ministry.
“The decision of the ‘Macedonian’ Parliament, which voted to rename the country, has been imposed from the outside and does not reflect the will of the people, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s announcement said.

The foreign ministry was highly critical of both Skopje and Athens, accusing both Skopje and Athens, while the statement left the prospect open to taking the matter before the UN Security Council.

The statement cited the departure of the Independent Greeks (ANEL) from the Greek government claiming it proved the situation was “explosive” and “threatened to undermine the stability and security in the Balkans.”

The ministry also cited opposition to the deal in Greece and reiterated Russia’s call for a stable solution to be found without external pressure and imposition of terms and conditions, based on broad public support and within a legal framework.