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Shocking video of Stockholm attack! People try to escape carnage (video)

Reports says truck had explosives inside

Terrifying footage showing pedestrians scrambling to escape the attack in Stockholm has surfaced. In the CCTV video people can be seen jumping into a shop to escape the carnage. Four people were killed in Friday’s truck terror attack, while children were among the injured. Nine victims were left in serious condition. Citing Swedish police sources, international media outlets report that explosives were found in the glove in the truck. British Independent reports that a bag of explosives was found in the truck’d cabin. Police believe a man from Uzbekistan, who was arrested after the attacks, was the driver of the truck.
The man, who was arrested in the north of the city, has not been named, but Swedish media say he is from Uzbekistan.
Four people were killed and 15 were injured when the truck crashed into the front of a department store. A second man, detained in the Hjulsta in the north-west of Stockholm, had links to the man arrested in Marsta, local media reported citing police sources.