The 28 agree in the creation of controlled refugee reception centers (FULL TEXT)

Merkel is relieved…

The establishment of controlled reception centers for migrants in the Member States on a voluntary basis is one of the key measures taken by the leaders of the 28 EU Member States after the marathon meeting that ended at 5:30 at dawn.

In these centers, as provided in point 6 of the conclusions, “there will be a distinction between illegal immigrants to be returned and those in need of international protection. All measures are on a voluntary basis”.

European leaders also express the EU’s intention to be by the side of Italy and other first-line countries.

The 28 have also agreed to tighten checks on external borders and to further increase the funding they offer to Turkey, Morocco and other countries in North Africa to halt migratory flows to Europe.

At the same time, it is proposed to consider (in point 5) the possibility of creating landing platforms for those who are rescued from the sea.

EU leaders have also decided to disburse the second installment to Turkey for the 3,5 million immigrants in the country as they will give another 500m euro to the trust fund for Africa.

Member States are also called upon to take legal and administrative measures to prevent “secondary movements” between Member States and to cooperate with each other in order to stop these movements.

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