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“The only good Turk is a dead Turk”, says ex-Foreign Affairs Minister of Greece Pangalos!

Speaking to Skai radio he claimed Turks lacked a sense of justice

In a highly controversial statement, former Greek Foreign Minister Theodoros Pangalos said that the only “good Turk is a dead one”! In an interview to Skai radio on Tuesday, Mr Pangalos commented on the relations between Greece and Turkey underlining that Turkey was a “relentless enemy” adding that the Turkish matter would not be overcome no matter how much good will Greece displayed in negotiations.

“The only good Turk is a dead Turk. I believe it because I have not found a good Turk. They lack elementary concepts. The Turk does not have a sense of justice.”

  • G.J.

    Well BS like that certainly not helping. Also this man should really watch his mouth because comments like these are a bit racist.

    • themanews

      Absolutely agree.

  • That Man

    Greeks are civilized?

    • themanews

      Yes, last time I checked. We could probably list countless provocative statements made by Turkish politicians. But that is not the point, really. We should not judge a whole people by the disgusting statements made by washed-up politicians, wouldn’t you agree?

    • G.J.

      Yeah we are, don’t regard this and every other greek politician… The problem though is, that this guy “represents” us, as he’s part of the government (or at least was). Shame on him really… but every country has people with big mouths and little brain…

      • themanews

        Yes. Thanks for the input