These are the fastest growing cities in Australia (infographic)

Both fastest growing cities are in the south

Australia isn’t known for its population density. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, only 3.3 people live in Australia per square kilometer. Still, there are areas densely populated and growing fast.

The Rockbank-Mount Cottrell and Mickleham-Yuroke neighbourhoods close to Melbourne are two such examples. They were the fastest growing cities in Australia between 2017 and 2018, adding more than 50 percent each to their population in the span of only one year. Other fast-growing communities were located around Sydney and in the ACT, but also on the Gold Coast and in Darwin, where the Palmerston South neighborhood grew by more than 20 percent. Being a smaller city than others on the list, it added 878 residents to arrive at about 5000.

The cities with the largest absolute growth (adding most residents in total), was Cranbourne East close to Melbourne, gaining more than 7,000 residents, a growth of 21 percent.

source statista