Tragic epilogue in Mati fires: Twin sisters died in the hands of their grandparents

The 9-year old sisters were with their grandparents

Hopes that 9-year-old twin sisters, Vassiliki and Sophia Filippopoulou, who went missing in the deadly fires that devastated Greece, would be found alive, were shattered when Giorgos Tsoukalis, a private investigator hired by the parents revealed their bodies had been identified in hospital. According to Giorgos Tsoukalis, the twin girls died in the hands of their grandparents in Mati.
Everyone was hoping that their parents would eventually find them alive, but the epilogue of was the most tragic one imaginable.

The news had drawn global attention with The Times of London covering the search of the girls. The thriller intensified when their father thought he saw his girls disembarking from rescue boats in Mati. As it turned out, however, it was the two girls.

The tragic news was confirmed by a close family friend who posted on his Facebook page: “The epilogue has been written. All 4 were found embracing. Even death could not separate them. “