Two tourists killed in Egypt knife attack (photos)

Four orthers wounded

Two tourists have been killed and four others wounded after a knife attack at an Egyptian Red Sea resort in Hurghada.
The attacker has been arrested and is currently being interrogated to determine his motives, Egypt’s Interior Ministry said.
The two women who have died are believed to be Ukrainian but no further details have been given.

An official who spoke on the condition of anonymity said one of injured tourists was Polish and that the attacker stabbed his victims in the face, neck and feet – this has yet to be verified.
The head of the consular department of Ukraine’s foreign ministry, Vasil Kyrylych, declined comment pending official information from Egypt.
Initial investigations have showed the man got into a hotel by swimming from a nearby beach.

Hurghada stretches for 40km of Egypt’s Red Sea coast and is a well-known tourist hub with a range of bars, nightclubs, resorts and restaurants.
The attack has come hours after five policemen were shot dead in Cairo’s twin city of Giza when suspected Islamic militants opened fire on their vehicle early in the morning.