US takeover may be near, says former US intelligence insider (video)

Intelligence community averted a Clinton “soft coup”, he claims

Dr. Steve Pieczenik is a former US Department of State official who served in the Nixon administration. Pieczenik, who is considered an expert on matters of US and global intelligence, is held in high esteem in the circles of the US intelligence community. He is also a psychiatrist, an author and publisher. In a time when the polarisation in US society over the presidential elections has reached a peak as election day approaches, Piezcenik makes a powerful and insightful address outlining the role he played, along with rank and file offers in the 15 intelligence agencies of the US to prevent what he calls a “soft coup” underway by the Clinton family to take power, by effecting a counter-coup via the release of the Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign director, e-mails.