We want Christ at the head of Greece: Metropolitan of Chios Marcos

The religious leader delivered his annual message during the hoisting of the Greek flag

Metropolitan Marcos of Chios borrowed the words of the leader of the Greek Revolution of 1821 against the Ottoman Turks, Theodore Kolokotronis, saying that “We want a homeland with Christ at its head”, during a speech on Saturday.

The Metropolitan delivered his annual message during the hoisting of a large Greek flag at the port of Chios, on occasion of the celebrations of Greek Independence Day on March 25.
The religious leader sent a message against the revision of Article 3 of the Constitution, with one of the proposals set to officially decouple the Greek state from its Christian faith rendering the country religiously neutral.

Dozens of people attended the ceremony of the hoisting of the flag, while members of the political and military authorities of the country were also present during the ceremony.