Who makes billion-dollar movie blockbusters? (infographic)

Walt Disney is ahead by far

Disney has managed to score a stellar production record over the past five years. Out of the 29 movies who have hit the billion-dollar mark, Disney has made 16 of them. Universal Studios came in a distant second, with just five movies grossing a billion dollars. Disney has also managed to beat out every other studio in the box office, scoring nine out of the top ten biggest box office openings.

The secret to the studio’s success rests on their commitment to content that will reliably draw crowds into theatres. In addition to that, the studio is willing to shell out big bucks for 10 to 12 movies a year rather than the 20 plus movies other studios usually release each year. Disney has managed record-breaking success by focusing on a select number of movies and investing a substantial amount of money in storylines crowds already know and love.