Woman treks naked to make ex-boyfriends jealous (photos)

She posts her pics on Instagram

A woman who took up naked hiking after a string of failed relationships – posting snaps to Instagram to make her exes “jealous” – has now fallen in love with the unusual outdoor hobby.
City girl Megan Marie, 35, now takes regular jaunts out into the wilderness, trekking through national parks completely in the buff.
But she initially documented her expeditions online – uploading snaps of herself  nude while out in the wild – in a bid to make her former lovers envious.
She’s now generated more than 20,000 followers, and she used her platform to discuss topics as varied as hiking safety and mental health.

Explaining her decision to start stripping off, Megan, from Kansas City in Missouri, US, said: “I was going through a bit of a rough patch and had had a few disappointing relationships that didn’t really go anywhere.
“I suppose I was searching for something – freedom or independence – and I wanted to do something that would be cool enough to make my exes jealous.”
Megan, a manager at a veterinary clinic, began hiking following the breakdown of a relationship in 2015.

This, coupled with a New Year’s resolution for 2015 she had made with her sister Erin, 34, to go camping together more, pushed her to embark on a two-week 2,500-mile road-trip from Colorado to San Francisco.
Setting off in late May, the pair slept in a tent every night, and ate only dehydrated food packs.
“I was really nervous before going, thinking about all the things that might go wrong,” Megan explained.

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