Special nail polish could prevent rapes!

Dip & detect whether your drink has been spiked

A revolutionary nail polish that can detect common date rape drugs may only be months away from hitting retail stores nationwide.

Undercover Colors, the manufacturer of this novelty varnish, has hinted that the wearable tech product could possibly be available in 2017 after receiving a $5.5 million investment to help facilitate its launch.

The date rape nail varnish was originally conceived in 2014 by developers at North Carolina State University who wanted to help protect their female friends while dating and going to bars.

According to the developers, “1 in 6 women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime. This unthinkable problem has reached epidemic levels on college campuses and something must be done about it. Power must be handed back to women in what is a devastatingly powerless situation.”

The nail polish will be able to detect common drugs such as Rohypnol and ecstasy, and it is very easy to use.  “Simply dip your finger into a verified beverage and within seconds the presence of prevalent date rape drugs will be identified in color change,” Undercover says.

When this revolutionary product hits the market, nail polish will no longer only be a cosmetic one applies before a big night out, but a potential life-saver as well.


Source: Independent