Athens stock market in 2015

Following the double stock market crash, as expected the psychology of investors lays low

When the worst ever stock marker year ends with a double stock market crash (one on the 9th of December with 12.78%) and (last week’s one with 11.30%), as expected the psychology of  investors lays low on following the market, no matter how many funds they invest.

Athens noted a loss of 37.5% from the high in June of 2014 when the index stood at 1322 points, while the beginning of the year the decline stood at 28.9%.

However, the collapse of the price was more dramatic for the banks, as the drop reached 66% (Eurobank).

The worst of all was that while the political system, the Bank of Greece and  bankers, acted first proactively and successfully recapitalize banks by 8.5 billion euro, then all shattered because of the same political system.