Coronavirus: Emergency measures announced for Achaia, Ilia and Zakynthos and dedicated Attica hospitals for virus treatment

Schools, theatres and archaeological sites in the prefectures will shut down

According to the operation plan of the Greek health authorities, Pamakaristos Hospital will be converted into medical treatment spot only for patients diagnosed with Covid-19 infection in the 1st Health District of Attica. This is foreseen in the context of the strategic planning of the 1st EPA and the Ministry of Health, which is exclusively presented by

Accordingly, in the event of an outbreak of the new coronavirus in Greece, a phase in which patients in need of hospitalisation will be hundreds or more, in Attica and in particular in the 1st ECE the Pamakaristos hospital will function as a dedicated humanitarian hospital for those infected and seriously ill by respiratory infection caused by coronavirus.

Meanwhile, schools, theatres and archaeological sites in the prefectures of Achaia, Ilia and Zakynthos will shut down for 48 hours, from March 5 through March 6, Health Ministry authorities said on Wednesday night.

Infectious disease specialist Sotiris Tsiodras announced on behalf of the ministry that the measures banned large gatherings of people, including at public and private schools of all levels, theaters, sports and art events, archaeological sites and museums.

The measures were recommended by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and would be re-evaluated within the next two days.

Tsiodras reiterated the importance of the public’s awareness of basic protection tips and said the measures are meant “to limit to the extent possible the spread of the virus in our country and delay its spread.”

source athens news agency