Game of Thrones inspired by Homer (video)

George R. R. Martin borrowed from ancient history when creating Game of Thrones

Did the recent episode of HBO’s Game of Throne seem familiar? Sunday’s installment saw Shireen, the virginal daughter of Stannis Baratheon be offered as a sacrifice. You may wonder what sadistic scriptwriter thought of this… the truth is, that it is obviously inspired by the Greek tale of Iphigenia, daughter of Agamemnon, King of Mycenae.

The similarities don’t end here. The Wall is like Hadrian’s Wall in Roman times. King’s Landing is much like the Byzantium with the Battle of the Blackwater uncannily like the sieges of Constantinople.

Valyria is much like Ancient Greece that was occupied by knowledgeable people who colonized and influenced the rest of Europe (Westeros)through their civilization though over time much of their early knowledge was lost.

Is Game of Thrones a modern rendition of ancient myths?

Have you ever thought about how the theme song of the modern series would sound like if it was played during ancient times? Here is a recording by Nikos Varelas envisioning the song in Ancient Greece.

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