Greece among top picks for honeymoon holidays, survey shows

It is the second most popular for mini honeymoons

There was a large rise in demand in honeymoon travel in 2021, according to the network of luxury travel agencies, Kuoni, with Greece occupying a prominent place among the most popular destinations is our country.

According to the findings of the Kuomi research, there was a an average increases in booking rates for honeymoon destinations by 500 British pounds, reaching 8,247, with the Maldives being the most popular destination.

The average cost per honeymoon will increase by 530 pounds, from  7,709 in 2019 to 8,247 in 2021, based on bookings to date. Greece is among in the top destinations for honeymoon in 2021.

In particular, the best-selling destinations for honeymooners in 2021 are:
1. Maldives
2. Sri Lanka
3. Mauritius
4. Kenya and Tanzania
5. South Africa
6. Italy
7. Bali
8. Thailand
9. Greece
10. Seychelles

The most popular destinations for mini honeymoon travel based on bookings made in 2020 and bookings for 2021 are …
1. Italy
2. Greece
3. Spain
4. England and Scotland
5. Ireland

The top trends in honeymoon are …
1. Private villas with pool
2. Isolated luxury away from the crowds
3. Private meal in a villa
4. Multiple destinations, with adventure and beach holidays
5. Saving and upgrading
6. Double honeymoon
7. Spa and wellness holidays
8. Luxurious honeymoon trips to the UK and Ireland
9. African safari