MRB poll: SYRIZA gains little after Tsipras announcements

Mitsotakis more suitable for PM, poll shows

Ruling SYRIZA party gained little in the form of public opinion support despite the recent announcements by PM Alexis Tsipras that he would give 1.6 million pensioners a 13th bonus pension, according to MRB’s trends study. The poll showed opposition party New Democracy (ND) leading with 26.1% compared to SYRIZA’s 14.1% on the question of how the respondents intended to vote for. MRB had carried out a poll before the announcements which showed that ND had 29.1% support and SYRIZA 16.2%, revealing that the ruling party actually lost support, with the gap between the two parties marginally closing by a mere 1.5%. The first survey was carried out between December 2 and 9 prior to the Tsipras announcements, while the second one on December 10, after Tsipras had made his promises. The overall poll results before the announcements showed ND leading with 29.1%, followed by SYRIZA (16.2%). Extreme right Golden Dawn (GD) came in third with 8.3% of those polled expressing their intention to back the party, followed by Democratic Alignment (6.5%), the communist party (KKE) with 6.4%, Freedom Sailing- former Parliament president and SYRIZA MP Zoe Konstantopoulou’s party- 3.1%, and Centrists’ Union (3%). On the question of “who you consider to be the most suitable candidate to be MP” 19.3% responed in favour of current PM Alexis Tsipras, while 30.7% said they preferred ND President Kyriakos Mitsotakis. 31% said they believed the major opposition party could handle the country’s problems more effectively, compared to 15.6% who believed SYRIZA could. 56.2% assessed the PM’s announcements to susoend the rise in VAT in the Aegean islands and the bonus pension to the pensioners announced by Tsipras. A bleak figure for the government is that a whopping 92.9% believe that the situation in Greece was either going extremely bad or bad, while 93.5% judged the economic situation in Greece was either bad or very bad.


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