New discoveries come to light daily at the tomb of Amphipolis

A lobby was found with marble columns and architraves which leads in two new rooms – yet unknown whether the grave remains undisturbed

With feverish pace continue the work of archaeologists in the tomb caste Amphipolis , while the  excavations daily  bring to light new findings and their founders  declaring impressed by the details that make up this unique monument.

After the removal of the last of the wall which was sealing shut the front of the tomb and the revelation of the mosaic floor, archaeologists a few days ago made a new discovery: in the center and front of the entrance stood mosaic floor, which consists of rectangular and square shapes, surrounded by black and white diamonds, while the lower part of the facade appears in fresco movie blue, which is monitored and at the side walls.

But this was just the beginning. The more the excavation progresses, the more come to light new findings and new features in the tomb bringing those responsible for getting closer to solving the enigmatic monument: The removal of large volumes of soil that was in the pre-lobby, for example, the point just behind the wasps, led to the discovery of a new vestibule at the top of diaphragm wall, which has a new entry-hole that leads to two new chambers. The entrance shocked the archaeologists because it is decorated with marble architrave supported on two columns. These columns are creating entrance to the rooms which are currently covered with soil and will need support to prevent any static problems before proceeding to remove the soil.

This new discovery shows the size of the tomb and reinforces the view of the archaeologists that it is very important funerary monument that refers to an influential person of Macedonia.

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