Palestinian cleric says every Muslim is “a time-bomb” ready to explode

The Muslim cleric addressed a large crowd at the Al-Aqsa mosque

In a video uploaded last week to the Internet, Palestinian cleric Nidhal Siam “Abu Ibrahim,” speaking before a crowd at the Al-Aqsa mosque, said that this Ramadan, the Russian, American and British “devils” will be shackled.

He said that the “devils” know that every Muslim “constitutes a time bomb that will explode as soon as the Caliph of the Muslims gives the order [to] come to jihad.”

Abu Ibrahim said these countries have mobilized their armies throughout the Arab world in order to prevent the establishment of an Islamic state, not to fight Iran, which he said is a “seal ring on America’s pinky toe” that is “drowning in collaboration.”

He added that the emir of the believers will soon emerge and declare the liberation of Al-Aqsa.