PM Mitsotakis on OXI Day: Opportunity to demonstrate our current understanding of the unity of Hellenism

He attended a school celebration for the anniversary of OXI day

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Monday sent a message of “unity and a vision for a better Greece” in a statement for the October 28 national holiday, while attending the school parade held in the town of Kisamos on Crete.

Mitsotakis said he was especially glad to celebrate the ‘Oxi’ Day anniversary, which marks Greece’s entry into WWII against the Axis powers, in a regional part of Greece rather than the capital.

“October 28 is not just another opportunity to honour our glorious past; it is an opportunity to demonstrate our current understanding of the unity of Hellenism,” he said. “For this reason, I attach great importance to the work we have undertaken so as to give Greeks who are permanently resident abroad the right to vote [from their place of residence]. This is an active demonstration of how we view the unity of Greeks today and, while I am well aware that the solution agreed is not the best possible, it is nevertheless the first concrete evidence of the consensus that politics is demonstrating in order to solve this problem, which has lingered for decades,” he added.

Mitsotakis referred to the symbolism of the holiday, which he said was noting more than the unity of the nation and the vision for a better Greece and how the country can achieve its goals: “I am certain that all Greeks will participate in this effort so that a better day can finally dawn.”

He also expressed his satisfaction at the return of the privilege for the best students to carry the flag in the parade in junior schools.