Reporters’ Association and parties blast SYRIZA leader Tsipras over lawsuit against journalists

Tsipras filed a lawsuit against two journalists regarding pieces about his vacation residence in Sounio

Two lawsuits filed by the leader of major opposition party SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras against two journalists prompted strong reactions by the reporters’ association and the Greek government.

Tsipras filed the lawsuits demanding 1 million euros from journalists Giannis Kourtakis and Giorgos Papachristou each for publishing pieces on his vacation residence in Sounio.

In an announcement, Athens Daily Newspaper Editors Association ESIEA called for the cessation of the industry of lawsuits against reporters, which, as it notes, “has the sole purpose of harming the freedom of the press”.

“The Board of Directors of ESIEA, on the occasion of the lawsuits of former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras against journalists Ioannis Kourtakis and George Papachristou, expresses once again its strong opposition to the actions of politicians, who resort to lawsuits against journalists, especially when it concerns prominent politicians and reiterates its firm position on the repeal of the genocidal law 1178/81, so that, finally, the industry of lawsuits, which have the sole purpose of harming the freedom of the press, ceases.”

Ruling New Democracy said in a statement “it is impressive that the Leader of the Official Opposition is suing two journalists, demanding 1 million each, for reports concerning the rent of a villa in Sounio for 500 euros.” the month”.

Publisher Giannis Kourtakis announced yesterday the lawsuit of Alexis Tsipras by posting photos on Twitter.

“A while ago, I was served with a lawsuit by Alexis Tsipras, asking for 1 million euros. In addition to what the former prime minister claims, the lawyer he has chosen is also of particular importance. This is Giannis Mantzouranis. Should I suggest as a witness? ‘Mimi Papagelopoulos'”, notes Giannis Kourtakis in his post.

“I’m sorry he does not understand, that with blackmail, threats, intimidation, and lawsuits he is not going to convince society,” commented journalist George Papachristos in a Twitter post.