Santorini hotel in the running for best-decorated hotel in the world!

A great honour for hotel

A Greek hotel is among the top hotel nominations from around the world for the award of the best-decorated hotel for the “2018 Mr & Mrs Smith luxury club awards”. Santo Maris in Santorini is among the 10 candidates in the category “The best-dressed hotels.” As the short introduction on the site notes the winner of Best-Dressed Hotel will be innovative, exemplary and renowned for the integrity of its aesthetic. We’re not looking for a repository of high-cost fittings or design-directory namedropping, but a well-curated assembly of refreshing, inspired ideas. In other words, it’s one hell of a looker.

As the description accompanying the hotel says:

Santo Maris, in sunset-famous Oia, softens its Cycladic architecture with off-white-and-honey hues, copper accents, wood and wicker, sheepskin rugs, well-placed plants – and a Jacuzzi in every suite. There are touches of Tulum in the woven wall-hangings, nods to African safari in the restaurant, and more than a hint of Miami poolside poise to the (indoor and outdoor) bars. The best decoration of all? The cakes and wine left in your room…

Mr & Mrs Smith will award hotels in many categories that global travellers have chosen as their favourites. These hotels are distinguished for their stylish and luxurious décor, impressive facilities and exquisite gastronomy.
Mr & Mrs Smith is a global travel club with over a million private hotels in more than 100 countries and consists of 50 experts in London, Ibiza, New York, Los Angeles and Singapore.