Six injured in bloody clash in Attica over drugs or money

Police fear it might be connected to the murder of a Greek in Albania on the weekend

Six people were injured when a group of gangs made up of Greeks and Albanians clashed in the suburb of Gerakas, east Attica in the early hours of Monday.

The latest information suggests the clash between the groups, which were not divided along ethnic lines and had nothing to do with the murder of a Greek in Albania on Sunday, was related to either economic differences or drug dealings.

According to the initial information the brawl took place in a park at the intersection of Domokos and Gerakas streets. Police found a pistol on the scene.
Three of the injured were transferred to Sismanoglio Hospital and the other three to the Erythros Stavros (Red Cross) Hospital.

One of the injured has reportedly sustained a gun wound, while the others have received knife wounds.