Turkey sends Barbaros survey vessel in Cypriot EEZ in latest provocation

Cyprus continued exploration in plot 10 via ExxonMobil

As Cypriot media report, the Turkish seismographic research/survey vessel entered plot 4 in the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone (EZZ), accompanied by four Turkish warships.
However, the Turkish ship is not expected to proceed to plot 10, where the drilling of the American company Exxon Mobil is underway. The US government has warned Ankara to avoid appearing in the area where the US energy giant is conducting research.

According to a competent source, Turkish aggression is seen as a response to the implementation of the Republic of Cyprus’s energy program, which is in progress. Unable to harass the drill rig of ExxonMobil, which began exploration last Friday at plot 10 of the Cypriot EEZ, Turkey elected to provoke Cyprus.

“Barbaros” chose plot 4 of the Cypriot EEZ, located west of Cyprus and disputed by Turkey. According to sources, the Turkish movements are being closely monitored by the competent services of the Republic of Cyprus, while Greek frigate “Psara” is sailing in close proximity.