Video shows Turkish President Erdogan supported as he walks down stairs

The Turkish media says he is facing health problems

A video showing Turkish President Erdogan Turkey being supported as he tries to walk down a flight of steps with difficulty has raised concerns about his health.

The video was recorded shortly after his speech at a conference in Constantinople (Istanbul) where, leaving the stage, he appears to be moving his legs with difficulty and descending the stairs only after he leans on one of his associates who is next to him.

Reports in the Turkish media confirm that the Turkish president is not in the best condition, as his health has deteriorated, something that is reflected in his public appearances.

A few days ago, however, the American analyst Michael Rubin said that Erdogan has a variety of issues with his health, while this issue is taboo in Turkey and therefore not discussed.

The well-known analyst of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and expert on Turkey even posted a link on his Twitter profile entitled “where Erdogan will be buried”.