Watch Greek forces repel immigrants trying to breach borders in covert operation under Turkish cover at night

The incident was witnessed by FRONTEX members

Around 300-500 immigrants attempted to cross into Greek territory from Kastanies in Evros, northeastern Greece between 2:30 to 4:00 in the morning with the support and cover of the Turkish forces on the other side of the border.

The invaders attacked Greek border guards with the cover of Turkish police who unleashed smoke bombs and tear gas against the Greek forces.

The co-ordinated nightly covert operation began at about 2:30 pm and lasted until 4am Wednesday morning near the Kastanies border checkpoint at a portion of the fence preventing illegal immigrants from entering a radius of about 150 metres. It is estimated that between 300 to 500 immigrants attempted to breach the Greek line of defence under the cover of Turkish police officers who threw tear gas and smoke screen bombs against Greek police.

The Greek side responded by activating a wind turbine mounted on a military vehicle and blowing the smoke and tear gas back towards Turkish territory exposing their cover and thwarting the Turkish-backed immigrants from crossing the Greek-Turkish borders.

The cooperation of the illegal immigrants with the Turkish police officers was also witnessed by members of the Frontex security forces deployed in Kastanies and patrolling the protection of European external borders.

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