11 steps to drive him “crazy” in bed

Simple secrets for a better sex life

Here are 11 simple steps women can take to make their sex lives better by pleasing their partner in bed.
1. Wear one of his t-shirts in bed and nothing else

2. Gring against him without a bra, he will never forget it

3. Make a “bridge” when stretching in the morning after bedtime

4. Leave your scent on the bed, it will drive him crazy

5. Ask him to “spoon” you

6. Sleep naked

7. Pretend to be looking for something that has fallen down without getting out of bed, thus revealing something….

8. Look at him like you were ready to sleep and then embrace your pillow

9. Be sweet when you sleep

10. Use your hand to rub him

11. Gert tangled up between the bed sheets