13-year-old Thessaloniki boy plunges to death doing Parkour (photos + videos)

A young Parkour fan died after school while practicing his favorite activity on rooftops in downtown Thessaloniki

A 13-year-old boy, known as Thodoris, met an untimely death in downtown Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, on Thursday when he joined a group of boys doing parkour from roof to roof yesterday. The boy lost control and fell through the glass window of a skylight. He fell down six floors and died immediately upon impact.


The boys were taking part in this popular activity on their way home from school. Parkour gained even more popularity recently when Thessaloniki’s parkour athlete, 19-year-old Dimitris Kyrsanidis beat international competitors to win the fourth “Red Bull Art of Motion” held on Santorini on October 4.


The young boy’s death marks the first tragic parkour incident of its type in Greece and has plunged his fellow classmates into grief. On the day of the accident, school had finished early due to student elections and the boy felt lucky to be able to spend some recreational time with friends. Everyone knew that he enjoyed climbing on building balconies but nobody knew that he did parkour there.


Following Friday morning’s assembly a moment of silence was held at the young boy’s school.



Where the glass broke, sending the boy plunging to death – 

The area where the dangerous parkour activity began –